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Recovering from surgery, or treatment can be challenging enough without the added issues of coping with hair loss, visible scars, or other marks on your body. Some of these issues can be remedied with cosmetic or medical tattooing.

This is essentially permanent makeup for your brows, eyes, lips, and other places on your body where you have lost pigment through reconstruction. It’s also a great option for those who want to save time, or have some trouble applying makeup, or have allergies to common makeup products or ingredients.

The tattoo procedure is similar to that of a more traditional tattoo parlour, however the inks used are specific cosmetic inks and come in multiple shades of blacks, greys, browns, pinks and reds, with a shade to suit everyone, and generally last several years.

With a new focus on this age-old technique, our fully qualified specialist tattooist can help you face your day with a little more confidence in a safe, clinical and caring environment. All procedures are performed in our treatment room, using a numbing cream for minimal discomfort.

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