What are Cosmetic Tattoos?

Essentially permanent makeup for your brows, eyes and lips.  This is a great option for those who want to save time, or have some trouble applying makeup, or have allergies to common makeup products or ingredients.

The tattoo procedure is similar to that of a more traditional tattoo parlour, however the inks used are specific cosmetic inks and come in multiple shades of blacks, greys, browns, pinks and reds, with a shade to suit everyone, and generally last several years.

The procedure

Before your cosmetic tattoo is applied, you may need to have a patch test to see if you will have any reaction to the cosmetic tattoo inks that are to be used.  Following this, you will choose your colour with guidance from the tattoo artist.

Your tattoo is then outlined with a skin marking pen, then a numbing cream is applied to the area.  Most people will experience minimal discomfort during the tattoo procedure


Some people will experience bleeding from the tattooed  area during the procedure, followed by possible swelling, tenderness, or bruising.  These symptoms will subside over the following days, and you will be provided with advise and treatments to help with this.

Occasionally people are allergic to some of the pigments used in cosmetic tattoo inks, and there is a risk of scarring from the procedure.  Also, as tattoos are permanent, sufficient consideration must be given to the decision to undertake this procedure, as laser removal is not always suitable or successful.



Eyebrows can be shaped, defined, or made to look fuller using cosmetic tattoos. This is done using the feathering tattoo technique (this is different to the blading technique used in beauty salons), which gives a more natural look. It can also be used to replace lost hair from the brows.


Permanent eyeliner can enhance the eyes, and can be applied to either the top or bottom lids, or both. This can be applied for a soft look, or something stronger and more dramatic.

Lip Liner

Lip liner tattoos can correct uneven lips, or just help to define your lips making the application of lipstick easier and prevent lipstick colour from bleeding. This can be done using a natural shade or something closer to your favourite shade of lipstick.

Full Lip Colour

This option gives you the freedom to not need to apply lipstick to have full beautiful lips. You can choose from a soft natural shade or be as bold as you like, however, lip gloss or lipstick can still be used over the permanent colour.


Janine Vayler RN;

Practice Nurse, Cosmetic & Aesthetic Nurse and Qualified Cosmetic Tattooist


Eyebrows $550
Eyeliner Top & Bottom $450
Eyeliner Top or Bottom $350
Full Lips $600
Lip Liner $400
Consultation Only $50


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