Specialists in Private Practice

Full time, part time or sessional basis
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Our facility is designed to appeal to clinicians on a full time, part time or sessional basis.

We seek to build a Clinical Team including:

– Surgeons consulting 2-3 days per week;
– Sessional Specialist Clinicians consulting a minimum of 2 sessions per week;
– Visiting Specialists offering regular service to Ballarat and the region; and
– Allied Health professionals.

If you are already in private practice, you may be interested in our:

Coordination and Support Model

We offer full responsibility for coordinating and managing all aspects of your Practice ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you and your patients – you focus on clinical care and we’ll take care of the rest.

Walk in/Walk out Model

You effectively “hire” consulting space in our facility. Our team will work cooperatively with your staff to ensure our facilities meet your needs.

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